Frequently asked questions:

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Have you experienced anything odd with NEXT STOP ZOMBIE? 

Please go through the list of known issues below and see if we already have a solution for you. If that doesn't help, please contact us on our support page and tell us about your problem.

Improving performance


  • Reduce resolution from the in-game menu: Graphics -> Resolution.
  • Please use the latest graphics drivers: Intel, Nvidia, AMD.
  • Close all other applications.


  • In Windows Power Options, please select 'High Performance' and under 'Advanced Settings', set the “CPU minimum performance” to 100%.
  • If you use multiple monitors, make sure that you play the game on your main display. If you have a high-refresh rate monitor (e.g. 120Hz), also make sure to set it as the main display in the Windows Screen Resolution dialog.
  • AMD R9-300 and newer: in Radeon Settings -> Gaming -> Global Settings, set “Power Efficiency” to “Off”.
  • Nvidia (all cards): in the Nvidia Control Panel -> Manage 3D Settings -> Global Settings, set Power management Mode to “Prefer maximum performance”. For more information, see this page.

Crashes & Startup Issues

Q: The game crashes/freezes. Help!?

A: Please write us at  If you're using a controller, you might be able to exit from the current situation with the mouse.

Q: The game won't launch or takes too long.

A:   If it doesn't launch at all, it might be an issue with your antivirus software.   If it takes too long, you might be running some other software that takes too much CPU,   If that's the case, please quit these apps and please retry.

Q: The game won't launch but it's showing up in my Task Manager.

A: Try the following:

  • Close Steam
  • Go to Task Manager and scroll down to the Background Processes section
  • Find all Steam tasks and right-click and select 'End task' on all of them
  • Go to the folder where Steam is installed and run steam.exe as an administrator


Q: I do not get input from my Steam Controller.

A: Press Steam button -> select Controller Configuration -> Browse Configs -> make sure you have imported the recommended “Official Configuration” layout.

Q: I do not get input when using Steam Link with a wired USB controller (XBox 360 controller, Dual Shock 4 controller, etc).

A: We currently only support using a Steam Controller on the Steam Link streaming box. We are looking into this and will hopefully find a workaround to support other controllers.


Q: There are no shadows in the game where two lights pass over pipes.

A: This is a known issue with old drivers. Please update your graphics drivers: AMD, Intel, Nvidia.


Q: Is NEXT STOP ZOMBIE coming to other platforms like Mac, Linux or mobile?

A: Our goal is of course to get NEXT STOP ZOMBIE into the hands of as many gamers as possible, but we can't say anything about other potential platforms at this point. Stay tuned to our newsletter and we'll notify you as soon as we have any updates regarding such matters: